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Online Appointment for Qing Ming

Online Appointment for Qing Ming is a must. In order to facilitate visitors to come to worship their ancestors, with safety as the primary consideration, it is necessary to carry out effective crowd control. Warm reminder, all visitors please make an appointment for worship online in advance to ensure a smoother and more comfortable worship process, thank you!

仅此提醒,公众一定要提前进行网上礼拜预约,这样我们才能为您提供一个更加舒适顺畅的拜祭流程。 谢谢!

Appointment Qing Ming 2022

清明节 是华人重要的传统节日,具有缅怀先祖体现东方孝道的意义,所以 扫墓祭祖 是必不可少的。为方便公众在清明期间到来祭奠祖先,及以客户的安全作为第一考量,在这里温馨提醒,凡是要到访山庄祭拜的公众,务必扫描QR码或点击以下链接填写表格,提前预约拜祭日期及时间,好让我们为您提供更舒适顺畅的拜祭流程。谢谢!


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