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24Hours Emergency & Professional Funeral Service.

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24Hours Professional Funeral Service
Build & Design
Nirvana Memorial Park
Build & Design
骨灰殿 Columbarium
Modern Columbarium
现代化 骨灰殿
Build & Design
骨灰殿 Columbarium
Christian / Catholic Columbarium
基督教 / 天主教 骨灰殿
Build & Design
基督教 / 天主教 风水福地
Burial Land
福泽子孙 世代昌盛
Build & Design
Burial Land
福泽子孙 世代昌盛
White Ladies


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Nirvana Funeral Service Malaysia

Nirvana Bracnhes
24 Hours Emergency Funeral Service

Christian Funeral Service 基督教殡仪配套从From RM 15,800 起
Buddhist Funeral Service 佛教殡仪配套从 RM20,800 起

- Burial Land Lowest Price -

Single Burial Land 单穴风水福地 由 from RM36,900
Double Burial Land 双穴风水福地 由 from RM57,000

- Niche Price Lowest -

Double Niche from 雙位骨灰位由 RM 6,240

Pre Planning with Nirvana Life Plan

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Golden Harvest Reward

Funeral Service Package

Nirvana Funeral Service
We provide professional one-stop bereavement service . Bereavement Service include BuddismTaoismChristianCatholic




Funeral planning is undoubtedly a complex matter that comes with a lot of stress and tension. Making funeral arrangements can be daunting and stressful for many, especially for people who do not have any previous knowledge about it. If you want to eliminate the pressure and stress of funeral planning, you can consult us at any time. We have experience of more than 30 years of in this field, and our company understands that these challenging tasks require extra attention and need to be handled with care. We guarantee you that we will present you with the best care services and products.

At Nirvana Life Plans, our motive is to make the nirvana funeral package as affordable and hassle-free as possible. We combine our best services and products to provide you five easy plans that you can choose from. Our life plans come in different price ranges and can be customized according to your budget and individual needs. These plans have a plus point: they are designed to keep Taoist, Buddhist, and Christian faiths.

At Nirvana Asia, we not only make the pre-planning easier for our valuable customers, but we also have a professional and highly trained staff that will help In customizing your plan according to your requirements.

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分行 Branches

–  Klang Valley 巴生谷 –

Nirvana Centre Kuala Lumpur
Nirvana Klang
Nirvana Memorial Garden (Semenyih)
Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam)
富贵纪念馆 Wisma Nirvana Sungai Besi
Wisma Nirvana (Sungai Besi)
Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih)

Nirvana Funeral Service

One of the saddest thing one can do is planning a funeral memorial or wake for the departed soul. Even after accepting the reality of life, the pain and sorrow remains with the grieving family for good period of time. This is definitely a difficult time and it gets more challenging to deal with the arrangements for the funeral and easing the grieving heart.

For your help and convenience, here we offer you funeral service Malaysia that is flexible according to different customs and religions. For your funeral service in KL, the family determines the traditions and rituals needed to follow and we make everything according to it.

Nirvana funeral service Malaysia is a professional funeral parlor that ease the grieving families in dealing with their funeral arrangement and sharing their burden. Our services includes and cater to each of the important parts of the funerals and consider to all the rituals and customs your family follows. Consider our funeral service for alleviating your burden and for the preparation of the ceremony of departed soul in a peaceful and seamless way.

What Do We Do?

We are awesome at our work of arranging funeral events for you. Nirvana funeral service assist you with all kinds of funeral procession alongside providing quality services that ease your burden and console you for your grief. We arrange things in a way that takes all such worries away.

Funeral Ceremony Arrangement:

Our funeral service Malaysia provides you with personalized services. Following this, prior to starting making arrangements for you, our expert arrangers will contact you to get to know your loved ones, your traditions, and help in arranging the most proper kind of tribute in the respect of the wishes of departed soul.

The funeral director will walk you through all the standard proceedings alongside answering the question if you have any for the ceremony. In you ask then Nirvana funeral service Malaysia also arrange private chapels where closed family members are allowed to spend some private time and say their last good bye. This will be the most personalized environment in a way you want.

Our Funeral Processions:

Our funeral service includes taking care of every minute details agreed in a way you want so the ceremony ends up in a way you want for the departed soul. Beginning from the order of procession, escorting family and friends, hymns of funeral, reading and all other rituals like flower tribute, committal service gets arrange following your wants and wishes for the one you lost.

During the whole process, our funeral directly will be checking on all the services to make sure about perfect execution. Nirvana funeral service director will be available for you even if you want to make any changes, we are up for it.

Our funeral service in KL is available for the days after the funeral. It would be great to help you for arranging funeral receptions for your family to cherish the memories of deceased in a small close gathering.

You can come to us for anything about the pet memorial and funeral arrangement you need and here we are to help you in your difficult times.